" We bring balance to your body so you can bring balance to your life. "

   At Gray Chiropractic Center, our goal is for you to achieve optimal health and wellness by restoring balance to the body. We are committed to each individual patient, recognizing that each system is unique. We focus on the impact of the main control of your body, the central nervous system. Our distinctive approach is: above down, inside out. Meaning we start with your brain, work down through the central nervous system, and out to all the secondary systems of the body.

   The brain and the body have an intimate connection. The brain ultimately controls all of the functions of the body, which it accomplishes in part by the information received from the body through the central nervous system on a continual basis. When the spine is misaligned, the proper information transmitted to the brain can be muted or misinterpreted. By focusing on the health of the nervous system and the brain-body connection, the interference is removed and proper balance can be restored.

   At Gray Chiropractic Center, our functional multi-modal approach uses gentle and effective techniques to reinstate the body’s natural balance. Our methods are appropriate for all ages (including infants), as well as for a variety of issues.

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I have been a patient of Dr. Grays' since February 2012. My experience has been wonderful after being in chronic pain for over two years from TMJ issues. The adjustments to my Atlas have given me great relief. Dr. Gray is a wonderful, warm, and very caring person. I would recommend her to anyone that has been in my position.